Partial or total scholarships are available for children to participate in the Pensacola Yacht Club (PYC) Summer Sailing Camps. Scholarships are made possible by the generosity of our donors.


Please apply for a scholarship only if you are able to ensure that your child will attend all 5 days of the camp and can be dropped off and picked up daily. Financial assistance is confidential.


  1. Children ages 6-17 that know how to swim/must pass a swim test.
  2. Must reside in Escambia or Santa Rosa County.
  3. Must have transportation to be dropped off by 9am each morning and picked up by 3:30pm each afternoon.
  4. Financial need determined by information provided or by financial information provided to partner organizations.

Applications are accepted on a 1st come, 1st served basis, however, no applications can be considered after the Wednesday before the 1st day of the first sailing camp. The dates of the sailing camps are listed on the Pensacola Yacht Club website: . Each camp week runs Monday – Friday, 09:00 am – 3:30 pm.

Scholarship decisions are based on  financial need of the family and the cost of the camp. A full scholarship award covers the entire camp tuition, a partial scholarship award covers half the tuition.

If selected for a scholarship, the PYC Sailing Camp forms will need to be completed upon acceptance of the scholarship and prior to the camp start date.


Child must pass swim and capsize tests during the first day of camp. Campers will be expected to swim 50 yards, tread water for 1 minute, and then put on their lifejacket while in the water. Campers will first be taught, but then must demonstrate the ability to independently right a capsized boat.

“If your Child doesn’t know how to swim, we now offer Scholarships for Swim Lessons!”
The Satori Foundation understands that swim lessons may not be easily attained for many households.
If that is the case, we want to help! In a community surrounded by water, the skill of knowing how to swim, is not only the basis for any water sport, but is a critical life-saving skill.
To apply for a swimming scholarship, please click on our Scholarship Applications page and fill out the application for swim lessons and email or mail to the Scholarship Committee at the Pensacola Yacht Club