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The purpose of The PYC Satori Foundation is to inspire interest in and encourage and promote the sport of sailing and yachting and a broad range of maritime activities. The foundation is established to develop educational and training programs for the sports of sailing and yachting, for seamanship and for marine education. The Foundation will receive, maintain, use and apply funds and assets exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes.

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Have a boat you aren’t using? Have a boat you inherited, but don’t need?  
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● Tax Deduction equal to your boat’s value

● It just feels good!

Mission Central

Mission Central



The peace and tranquility of sailing, the sound of the waves lapping against the hull and the wind filling the sails, has inspired sailors since the very first sails were hoisted. Science shows that sailing invokes a natural sense of well-being.


Satori includes STEM lessons with youth partner groups. Through videos and presentations, groups learn about the science and technology of wind, currents and navigation, with hands-on experience while underway.


The realization that one is capable of science and technology boosts ones self-esteem and confidence. One realizes, with knowledge and understanding, we can all steer our course for a brighter tomorrow.

Enlightenment through sailing and boating adventures.  This is an experience out of reach to many in our community. Inspiration through exposure to the peacefulness and well-being of sailing, and scholarships to summer sailing camp Education through hands-on STEM, the science & technology of wind, currents and navigation.  Youth find a boost to self-esteem, that they are capable of science and technology, and they can steer their course for a brighter tomorrow.

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