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STEM Education

All Satori Outreach Sails include STEM education with videos one week prior to the outreach sail, an in-person lesson on the dock prior to a sail, and then hands-on lessons during the sail. Youth learn about the science of wind and currents, the technology of the instruments and navigation, and enlightenment that understanding science and technology is achievable. This new knowledge helps boost self-confidence and self-esteem, giving one new insight that science and technology are achievable for them.

For our Marine/Environmental Science Outreach, each trip has a Marine Biologist or Science teacher onboard for hands-on lessons, and to have knowledgeable experts that can be flexible with different learning styles on each trip. Lessons are fun and engaging and all youth feel motivated and empowered to improve and protect our community’s amazing waterways.Satori also has an archeology/history outreach program that includes Ft. Pickens and the historical events that unfolded on the shores of our Pass into the Gulf of Mexico.