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• Second Wind and Pied Piper have capacity limits of 6 passengers each
10. Such hazards include but are not limited to:
a. Weather conditions that may change quickly, including but not limited to wind, rain, snow, lightning and excessive heat and sun.
b. Water conditions that may change quickly, including waves, currents, boat wakes, tides, whirlpools and coldwater temperatures, exposure or overexposure to cold (Hypothermia) or heat.
c. Damage, injury or death as a result of contact with aquatic or land animals, fish, birds or reptiles, either on land or on water, including but not limited to areas in and around SATORI’s premises or staging areas.
d. Damage, injury or death as a result of traversing in or around PENSACOLA YACHT CLUB’s premises or staging areas, including but not limited to docks, ladders, equipment on the premises, mud, steep slopes, cliffs and rocks.
e. Injury or death as a result of ingesting contaminated fresh water, drink or food.
f. Personal injury, death or property damage due to collision with motorized or non-motorized vessels, being hit with vessel equipment, suffering a propeller strike from a motorized vessel, or while launching and landing on shore whether on land or dock, or as a result of collision with natural or manmade debris.
g. Muscular or skeletal injury, strain or damage due to physical exertion, especially, but not limited to, my head, wrists, arms, shoulders, legs and back.

Satori Boat Rental Request Form

New Rental Laws went into effect in FL on January 1st, 2023
If born after January 1, 1988, you must have a Boater Safety Education ID Card
Satori is required by law to see this card if you were born after 1/1/88. If you do not have a card, you may take the online course at: and choose Florida. The course fee is $34.95
Rentals are All Day Date for Requested Rental:
# in Your Party:
Your info:
Your Name:
Phone #:
Email address:
Your Boating History:
If Yes, Number of time:
Type of Boating Experience:
Please check boxes with “S” if you experienced as a Skipper or “C” if you experienced as a crew:
Power Boat:
Please specify other boating qualifications, certificates, and/or licenses you hold:
How many in your party have skippering and crewing experience?