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Safety at Sea WITH Hands-on Training

3/23/2019 –  3/24/2019
Days 1 & 2:  Hands-on Certified Safety at Sea Seminar     $375.00
Day 1 only:  Introduction to Safety at Sea     $250.00

Pensacola Yacht Club Satori Foundation Inc.
1897 Cypress St
Pensacola, FL 32502 USA

Contact:      Talbot Wilson  Ph: 850-217-7138

                      Sean Hickey     Ph: 251-802-8688

This is a two-day event; the first is in classroom and the second is practical, Hands-on Training. This class meets World Sailing Standards (formerly known as ISAF).

Bring Foul weather gear, boots, harness and teather for the life raft experience.