US Sailing Safety at Sea™ Seminar

Presented by the PYC Satori Foundation, Inc.
March 23-24, 2019
Pensacola Yacht Club • Pensacola, Florida

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Be a Safe Boater

Now’s your chance to get the Safety experience you need, before you need it.

This program is offered as a general 1-day Safety Seminar or an in-depth, 2-day ‘Hands On’ seminar which is sanctioned by US Sailing and fulfills the important safety seminar attendance recommendation for the Regata al Sol in 2020 and other offshore events. The course is a must-do experience for power boaters, offshore fishermen and sailors… anyone making an offshore race, planning an offshore passage or taking a shorthanded coastal cruise or going out to the 100 fathom curve.

Have you ever gotten inside of an inflated life raft, wearing your weather gear and lifejacket, in the company of 8 of your closest friends?

Have you seen the hang time difference between a SOLAS parachute flare and a little roman candle flare that is approved, but actually a flash in the pan?

Do you know how to communicate with authorities in an emergency situation?

Do you know what to do when a shipmate is injured or has hypothermia or is seasick to the point of dehydration?

Find the answers and more at the PYC Satori Foundation Safety at Sea™ Seminar.