Safety at Sea™ Seminar Facts

US Sailing offers four types of seminars:  Coastal, Offshore, Offshore with Hands-on Training and Online Offerings.   See

  • Moderated and taught by experienced, lifelong sailors who include some of the top names in sailing and safety.
  • Designed for sailors of all types and levels — cruisers and racers, novices and experts.
  • Appropriate for a wide range of boats — small, big, monohulls, multihulls (and powerboats, too) — that are sailed anywhere — near shore and offshore.
  • Curriculum is certified by US Sailing, with special attention to conditions and challenges of the host organization’s sailing area.
  • More than 1,000 sailors attend safety seminars around North America every year and many bring their families and crews.

The certifications are good for five years.

Combined with the Saturday seminar, Hands-on Training yields the coveted World Sailing (ISAF) Approved Offshore Personal Survival Course Certificate. This certificate is highly recommended for the 2020 Regata al Sol races from Pensacola Yacht Club. The seminar is either required or recommended for such races as the Fastnet, the Sydney-Hobart, Ftt Lauderdale to Montego Bay, the Marion Bermuda Race and Newport Bermuda. 

World Sailing certification includes hands-on training with your PFD and inflation, as well as pool time with your inflated PFD in offshore clothing. Attendees will gain knowledge in the use of life rafts, boarding, and righting skills from experienced instructors.   Flares and fire-fighting skills will also be covered. 

An exam (passing grade of 80) is part of the certification process.