First-time sailors soar with courage

Everyone on board the sailboat was quiet for a few moments. The only sound was the wind on the water as the 52-foot sailboat moved swiftly across Pensacola Bay on a sun-filled Saturday morning.

Little Amelia Olds, only 6, stood near the boat’s bow like she was the Queen of the World, the breeze whipping at the hem of her colorful sundress and through her hair.

But Amelia finally broke the silence.

“I’m really excited,” she said. No one had asked her. No one had prompted her. She just wanted every- one to know her first venture on a boat was one she would never ever forget.

Amelia and four other children from the Boys & Girls Club of the Emerald Coast — and all students at Montclair Elementary — spent nearly two hours sail- ing the bay with members of the Pensacola Yacht Club aboard the gorgeous Shannon Deepwater sail- boat that was gifted to the club to be used for educa- tional purposes. The program is part of the Yacht Club’s Satori Foundation which provides opportunities to learn about water, sailing and the science needed to be a proper boat skipper.

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