Satori will present a variety of events that carry the potential for positive corporate publicity. Donations made to the Satori Foundation earmarked to support these events will be made to the 501(c)(3) foundation which in turn will support the costs for event. Contributors will be recognized. Title and other positions are available for these events.

Operation Kids Sail

A program for the Boys and Girls Clubs of NW Florida and other appropriate organizations to introduce their members to the joy and science of sailing.

Event Sponsorship

The Andrews Institute Pensacola a la Habana Race 2015 – This was the first sanctioned race to Cuba since 1959 and will become a biennial tradition. Sponsor support for different elements of this race is welcome.

The Satori Maritime Institute

Community-wide boating center, marine education program and outreach facility. The Satori Maritime institute is a long-range project that has great potential to help the Satori Foundation reach its broader mission.

The goal would be to develop a community accessible facility.  It would offer a maritime learning center for school children, at risk youth, high school students, university programs and other stake holder organizations. It would offer a variety programs that would make sailing, boating of all kinds and marine education available through the STEAM concept and the US Sailing REACH program models.

The PYC Satori Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Your Donations can receive appropriate tax benefits.
Consult your accountant or tax attorney.