A Vision Becomes A Reality

Satori means “enlightenment”.

Satori was a 52’ Shannon sailboat donated by Tom and Carol Patterson in 2015. This launched the formation of the PYC Satori Foundation as a 501( c )(3) corporation.  Satori has a Board of Trustees and Advisors who are knowledgeable and experienced sailors with a passion for sharing their love of sailing and boating. The board and members volunteer their time to bring the experience of sailing to groups that otherwise would not have the opportunity for this unique, thrilling, and sometimes life-changing experience.  Satori also introduces sailing-related STEM principles to non-adult outreach groups for hands-on science and technology lessons.

What does this opportunity mean to our partner groups?  Sailing can be a life-altering experience that can reveal tangible positive impacts.  These benefits vary with each group.

For FSU CARD (Center for Autism & Related Disabilities):  For youth and adults with autism, sailing provides a peaceful place to flourish and grow.  The Satori captains and crew have witnessed life-changing positive impacts sailing has had on this group.  The most extraordinary example was a non-verbal youth that blossomed during the sail, experiencing a transformation, and was speaking upon returning to the dock.

For economically disadvantaged youth:  Sailing provides a non-judgmental environment to enjoy the quiet power of the wind, to feel the freedom from pressure, and to experience the water environment that is their community.  These sails have helped youth take pride in their community, and to plant the seed of possibilities from a new perspective. If they can learn to navigate, to understand the science of wind and currents, and to steer a sailboat, they can take charge of their own path, steering for a brighter tomorrow.

For Veterans with PTSD and other disabilities:  Research shows the sense of well-being one feels while sailing. Breathing salt air, feeling the wind, hearing the sails billow and waves slap the hull, allows each of the senses to engage. Science shows these factors balance one’s serotonin levels, naturally increasing one’s sense of well-being. Veterans with PTSD that have participated in sailing rehabilitation programs report the experience of open space and the distant horizon puts their world in perspective, with problems, obstacles and setbacks significantly diminished.

These are just a few examples the benefits of sailing reveal to these groups.

What else does Satori do?  We offer scholarships to summer sailing camp for youth 6-17 who know how to swim, and Satori facilitates a “Safety at Sea” seminar in conjunction with U.S. Sailing for our community members.  Our vision doesn’t end there.  Satori has future plans to develop a Satori Maritime Institute for a marine education program and outreach facility for our community.

Ways to Help..

  • Become a Satori Member and Volunteer if you have sailing experience
  • Monetary donations
  • Boat donations
  • Sponsor a child at summer sailing camp – $360
  • Sponsor a sailing camp kit – $175

(life jacket, water shoes, U/V shirt and other required supplies for sailing camp)

~All Donations are tax deductible~